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    Skyline Collector 1.4 Available - Includes vSAN Proactive Support

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      Skyline Collector 1.4 is now available. You can upgrade your current Skyline Collector virtual appliance by either logging-into the Skyline Collector VAMI, selecting the Updates tab, then clicking Check Updates and Install Updates. Alternatively, if you've enabled Auto-Upgrade, your Skyline Collector should automatically upgrade to 1.4 at the day/time you specified during configuration of Auto-Upgrade.

      Skyline Collector 1.4 Release Notes


      New within Skyline Collector 1.4 is support for vSAN. VMware is now delivering proactive findings and recommendations for vSAN. Two examples of the proactive findings available for vSAN are shared on the VMware Support Insider blog article announcing Skyline Collector 1.4.

      vSAN Proactive Support with VMware Skyline - VMware Support Insider


      We are also excited to announce that all VMware Skyline documentation is now available on VMware Docs, including The Skyline Collector Installation and Configuration and Skyline Collector User Guides.

      VMware Skyline Documentation


      If you have any questions about vSAN proactive support with VMware Skyline, please let us know by responding to this Community discussion. Thank you.