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    New Alerts are not getting generated once cancelled

    sagarkancherla Novice


      I have added message event notification type alert def and symptom. See attached. When i add a external notification event, the alert is triggered for the first time. If i cancelled the triggered alert and after sometime if i add another external notifcation event the neither the new alert is not getting triggered nor the status is not getting changed.

      Plz suggest



      <AlertDefinition adapterKind="Adapter" id="AlertDefinition-ComputeSystem.alert.NotificationEvent" nameKey="1706"  resourceKind="ComputeSystem" subType="18" type="15"
      waitCycle="1" cancelCycle="1">
            <State severity="Automatic">
                 <SymptomSet applyOn="self">
                    <Symptom ref="SymptomDefinition-Adapter-ComputeSystem.alert.msgEvent"/>
               <Impact key="health" type="badge"/>

      <SymptomDefinition adapterKind="Adapter" id="SymptomDefinition-Adapter-ComputeSystem.alert.msgEvent" nameKey="1705" resourceKind="ComputeSystem"
      cancelCycle="1" waitCycle="1">
           <State severity="critical">
               <Condition type="msg_event" operator="regex" eventSubType="5" eventType="11" eventMsg="(?s).*"/>