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    Required permissions to see metrics - vROps 6.7

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      I have a question regarding the necessary permissions to view VM metrics for a group with restricted objects and a custom role. Basically we have several team and we would like to create a dashboard for each team, a dashboard presenting their VMs and VM metrics. The problem shows up when viewing the VM metrics as it appears that the charts have stopped exactly at the timestamp I enbled the group and restricted access. This makes me think it's a permissions issue on the VM metrics side, but unfortunately, I can't figure out which objects or permissions should be enabled. Since these are VMs I've enabled access on the vCenter adapter objects, Storage devices objects, vRA objects, vRBC objects and vSAN Adapter objects.


      Should others be there? On the permissions side of things I've enabled several of them, mostly View or Read ones, but I'm definitely missing whatever enables the metrics to show up ok.


      Thanks and regards!

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          nmanm0305 Novice

          I've encountered this issue when creating dashboards for specific teams. I've ended up doing trial and error.


          1. Create a test user assigned to the same group as the specific team.

          2. Log in as the test user.

          3. On a second screen, login as administrator that can enabled objects and permissions.

          4. Through trial and error, I figure out which objects and permissions are needed for the dashboard to function for the specific team members.