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    Horizon View Client Drive Redirection (CDR) not working

    Rdiaz29 Novice


      We are having issues with Client Drive Redirection on Windows 10 1709. When users log in using the Horizon Client (Blast protocol), they are able to see a mapped drive which maps to the host's c:\users\<username> location. When a user initiates a copy/paste operation from the virtual desktop to the mapped drive, the Copy popup window gets stuck at 0% and when they click "This PC" in File Explorer, nothing shows up in the right pane. Once in a while, they also get a pop saying: \\tsclient\<username> is not accessible. Attempt to access invalid address. This happens for internal and external connection to the VDI. However, once in a while, copy/paste operations do work. When they do the problem above strikes after a couple of copy/paste operations.


      This is the VDI setup:

      • Horizon View 7.5.1
      • UEM 9.4
      • Windows 10 1709


      I did notice that this DOES NOT happen in Windows 7. I am trying to migrate users off of Windows 7 but need this CDR problem resolved first. Has anyone ran into this issue? Thanks.