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    Outlook 2016 and Acrobat Reader DC

    QCBenPetersen Novice

      So I have been wrestling with this little issue for a while and figure i would throw it out there



      Horizon: 7.5.1

      UEM 9.4

      Appstacks 2.14

      Windows 10 LTSB 2016


      I have adobe acrobat reader dc installed on the GM.  I then load office 365 from the appstacks.  If i open outlook and try to open a .pdf, it works the first few times.  Then after that I get a failed to load core .dll.  This only happens from Outlook.  If i preview the file in outlook it works just fine.  If i save it and then open it, works just fine, if i change it over to google chrome to be the default pdf viewer, works just fine.  I have tried all of the fixes from the adobe site of the house, registry fixes for protected mode do not seem to help.


      I should just let it be and keep telling them to use chrome or save it then open it, but i figured maybe i can shut the complainer up.  Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance

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          AoSIt Lurker

          Exactly the same issue here. Pretty much the same Versions of Horizon, UEM and Appvol. It seems Users are able to open .pdf files for a while until the "failed to load Core dll" appears. Only a relog seems to help.  AR DC is installed on the golden image and not deployed via appstack.


          Any help is appreciated

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            LibRick Novice

            Same issue here. Almost identical setup except Outlook 2016 is in the base image and appvols just handling the OST.

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              gpenunuri Novice

              Same here.  Office and Reader is installed on the Base Image.  Seems to work after deleting the users writable profile but that's not the solution. 

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                LibRick Novice

                I have found that if the user goes to apps & features then modify on acrobat reader then does a quick repair it fixes the issue. A bit annoying as you have to do it for everyone who has the issue but it's the best I've found so far.

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                  robgj821 Novice

                  Hi Guys


                  We have been plagued by this issue as well for quite sometime, though it was hard to pin down as it was happening to a lot of users but not all.


                  I finally figured it out.


                  If you add the Image path name and Command line fields to task manager and launch Adobe Reader, for the users who are getting this issue it will show it launching from their writables volume. However for users that weren't having this issue it was just launching from c:\program files (x86)\Adobe...


                  I assume that for the people affected at some point an auto-update ran and thus Adobe Reader became virtualized for them causing the failed to load core .dll error.


                  To fix I added the following lines to the writable snapvol.cfg file to exclude Adobe Reader:


                  # Adobe Reader

                  exclude_uwv_file=\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC

                  exclude_uwv_file=\REGISTRY\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Acrobat Reader


                  Hope this helps!