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    Error when installing SRM 8.1

    Joediallo Lurker

      I am trying to install SRM 8.1 on a Windows 2016 Standard server but I keep getting the following error:

      Error 25239: Failed to configure Site Recovery Manager Client.Details: Failed to acquire token from SSO Server at 'https://PSC_server/sts/STSService/vsphere.local'


      Just for a little background on the environment, I have a vCenter server with external PSC. The environment is a vSphere 6.5 Built 8307201. The certificate on the PSC was replaced with one issued from our internal CA. The PSC is also configured as an intermediate CA.


      SRM installation on the protected site went well without an issue. The protected site is using a different PSC.




      Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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          Lalegre Enthusiast

          Check the time settings between Platform Services Controller and your Windows Server, be sure to use the same NTP for both.


          Also use a user with administrator privilieges in Single-Sign On to pair with the Platform Services Controller.

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            Joediallo Lurker

            The PSC, vCenter and the SRM servers all are pointing to the same NTP server. All three device have the same time. I am also using an account with administrator privilege in SSO. The same account I used to install SRM on the protected site.

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              vFouad Enthusiast
              VMware Employees

              Have you checked the DNS name resolution for all the bits?

              i.e. PSC resolves correctly; SRM box resolves correctly (do you use any extended characters in your DNS like "_" maybe try without those)?

              Tested without firewalls?

              There is a installer log file in %temp%/VMSrmInst.log; that may give you more clues.

              maybe you can share part of that log file if you can find the error....