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    VM Bus Types

    vmonkey45 Lurker

      Is it possible to add the NVMe disk controller to a VM from within vCloud Director?  It is not listed as an option as  a Bus Type within the properties of the VM.

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          sk84 Expert

          I never tested it, but if your environment supports SR-IOV, you might be able to use it. With vCD 9.1 this is at least a supported configuration. However, it is not possible to manage it directly with vCD. You need to configure it in vCenter.


          See: https://blogs.vmware.com/vcloud/files/2018/03/vcd91newfeatureswp.pdf (Page 9)

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            vmonkey45 Lurker

            Thanks Sebastian.  I think my question was confusing. 


            I am building a nested 6.7 lab and I would like to be able to use an NVMe controller on the nested 6.7 VM's.  I can do this within vSphere however when trying to undertake the same setup within vCD the NVMe controller is no recognised.  When the OVF is imported the bus type for the virtual drive defaults to IDE and there is no option for NVMe.  It causes issues when trying to boot the Nested ESXi VM.  Is there any workarounds?


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              jnivoit Novice
              VMware Employees

              This bus type is not known to vCD, and currently the set of known types is hard-coded in vCD.

              So adding support for this is a feature request..