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    Apcupsd on ESXi, SATA pass through

    gemini3 Lurker



      I consider moving my private environment from XenServer to ESXi.


      In my current setup I have running apcupsd directly on the XenServer connected to a small APC-UPS via USB.

      The deamon shut down all VM and then the host when the battery is getting low.

      Is it possible to configure this on an ESXi host in the same or similar way?

      I only found configurations using a seperate server for apcupsd or PowerShute Network Shutdown.


      For backup reason one of the SATA ports of the mainboard is passed through to a specific VM.

      If a hard disk is connected to that port it will appear inside the virtual machine.

      I guess ESXi can manage this.

      Does anyone has a how to for it?


      Thank you!