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    The consequences of Device-/Credential Guard for Vmware

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      I know there are many discussions open for solving the problems around Device- and Credential Guard and I am aware of possible solutions. I rather start this discussion because I am worried about the consequences for companies and the consequences for Vmware.

      Background is that most companies use Group Policies for controlling their users computers, and some of them certainly have already turned on the policy for Credential-/Device Guard usage. This will render most of the tricks useless, e.g. turning off the hypervisor, also via BCD, etc..

      I am working in an IT consulting company with 140k employees. A lot of them like myself use virtualization for client projects. My company also turned on this group policy. So I cannot use my virtual machines any more. I went to the IT and they told me that they are aware of the problem. They told me that they switch to MS virtualization technology, and offered me a conversion tool to Hyper-V.


      That's it.


      I am using Vmware for about 12 years, and I really like their VT. And yesterday was the last day. Not because I want to change, but group policies forces me to.

      Rephrasing my entry-question: Is Vmware aware what is happening right now? A 140k company is switching all its employees to a different technology, and I am pretty sure that we are not the only ones. And it's not only Workstation, it's just the beginning. As a consequence, our IT started an MSA with Microsoft and will now also move all ESX to MS-technology and Azure Cloud.


      So that's it, Vmware?