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    ESXI 6.5 Port forwarding working to one VM but not another?

    jabbyjim Lurker

      I feel like I am taking crazy pills, but this is what I am doing.


      I have ESXI 6.5 running two VM's one is a windows server and another is linux fedora


      I have port forwarding working to the Windows Server but the Linux server never see's the packets. I am positive I have my port forwarding setup correctly.


      My question is is there any reason/way that I could have munged up port forwarding via settings in the VmWare? The packets are never even seen by the linux server, unless if I do it locally.

      So any ideas of how I can debug this further? The Linux Server was originally a 5.5 import, but I am assuming that wouldn't change much. iptables & firewallD are disabled on the server as well.

      So .. just for organizations sake. Everything for ESXI is defaults, I didn't do anything crazy. 



      Port forward 8082 to VServer1 (linux) (Trace shows NO packets with port 8082) unless if I do it within the local network

      Port forward 3389 to VServer2 (windows) (WORKS!)



      VServer 1 (Linux)

      VServer 2 (Window Server)


      * I rechecked the router port forwarding settings (thinking this was the culprit) but its definitely working to Vserver2 and opening ports on the router when I check from the outside.

      * I checked fedora thinking it was blocking but no firewall is up.. also I'm not seeing the packets come in from the outside

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          a.p. Guru
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          I assume you are using a physical router?

          If you can connect to the Linux VM (on port 8082) from the local LAN (that's what I understood), then - in my opinion - it's got to be an issue with the port forwarding, or another setting on the router. ESXi dosn't block any ports to the VMs.



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            jabbyjim Lurker

            Thank you,


            Its actually (and sadly) the Xfinity Home router. I was delighted to see that they allow you to mess with the port forwarding .. and see it working in most cases.


            I want to blame the router but the fact that it works with one VM but not the other is very confusing to me. There are obviously no settings specific to VM or Linux on the Xfinity Router.


            I'm happy at least that ESXi does not block ports or have weird firewalls or anything. My only option is to add another router but I would rather not if I can figure this out.