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    Issue with Timeout trying to query for a new datastore

    BrianDougherty Lurker

      Good Afternoon,


      I am going through the process of adding a datastore in VCenter.  When I do I get a timeout message.  Had the same thing on my other VCenter server, but those are Windows, whereas this is an appliance.  I followed the steps in the following article:


      VMware Knowledge Base


      Part of that references a file in the following location:



      When I browse to usr/lib, it tells me there is no such directory. Using the -ls command confirms this.


      Am I missing something here?  Is there a way to transfer the .xml file from the ESX Host to my Windows workstation (FYI...WinSCP did not work).


      I am trying to avoid opening an SR if I can and am hoping this can be resolved quickly on my own.


      Thank You


      Brian Dougherty