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    vSphere w/ Dell Controlled Turbo?

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      I'm just getting back into Dell HW after a 10-year stint on HP. I'm looking at some specific settings within the Dell BIOS and came across the "Controlled Turbo" Proc option. At first I thought it was their hyper-threading tech, but now I'm reading it more as Proc over-clocking. Can someone verify that? Is there any information on performance gains vs. MTTF? or increased failure rates? I can only guess that as there is more wear and tear on the HW that would shorten product life (proc, fans, etc...)?


      Can anyone recommend or otherwise?





      Edit: Is there any effect on vSAN performance?

      I notice what looks like CPU cycling spikes to ~8-10% when idle (no load, no powered on VMs), while other hosts my cycle the same, but the intervals are spaced further apart.