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    help with recovering some data from an accidentally deleted virtual machine

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      i accidentally deleted a virtual machine (which had ubuntu x64 installed) via the "delete from disk" option in vmware workstation so i tried to use "Recuva" in order to try to recover the .vmdk file but recuva says "File's data could not be found of the disk"


      However when i tried the deep scan i was actually able to see some of the files which were on the deleted vmware machine but they were not the files i am looking for & also they were assigned with random directories that existed on the actual drive , also i believe that all the files recuva managed to find were the ones stored on the 2nd partition (which i think it was also ntfs like the actual drive)


      but the files i want are all stored on the partition that had the operating system


      my guess is that recuva managed to find only the 2nd partition because it was also .ntfs so i believe that the data on the 1st partition still exists on the hard disk


      so my question is , how can i recover those data?

      the files i am searching for are .txt and .js ones


      edit : forgot to mention that i have no backup of the virtual machine