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    EVC mode

    jprovine7 Hot Shot

      I just upgraded my host server hardware from hp dl380 gen 7 to gen 10 in order to be able to upgrade my hosts from esxi server 5.5 to 6.5. Before upgrading I went ahead and enabled EVC mode westmere. I have five virtual machines on that cluster and they are all on vmware hardware leve 8 but when I turned on evc westmere two of the virtual machines only went to nehalem, why would that be? How can I fix it? Can I move up to evc mode sandy bridge with two machines that show as nehalem?

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          sk84 Expert

          I assume you activated EVC when the VMs were running? EVC does not update the VMs during operation. Only at startup do the VMs realize which EVC mode and which CPU features are set.


          Have you tried to power off and power on again the affected VMs? After that they should have the same EVC mode as the cluster and be able to use all functions of Westmere.

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            jprovine7 Hot Shot

            No I have not rebooted the virtual machine, so why did only two stay at nehalem and the other three went to  westmere? My next step is to take the evc mode to sandy bridge once I have resolved this issue

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              jprovine7 Hot Shot

              Okay I guess someone did reboot those machines since evc mode was enabled and the still come up in the nehalem generation