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    script to clone VM and export to ova

    tdubb123 Master

      I am trying to clone a running VM to a clone and then export it to a ova and then remove the clone as a backup solution


      I got the command lines but trying top put a script together


      new-vm -Name centos-test-clone -VM centos -DiskStorageFormat Thin -Confirm:$false -VMHost (get-vmhost -Location (get-datacenter "xxx") | get-random)



      New-PSDrive -Name "z" -PSProvider FileSystem -Root "\\networkshare\backups"



      Export-VApp -VM centos-test-clone -Destination "z" -Format Ova



      Remove-VM -VM centos-clone-test -Confirm:$false

      remove-psdrive -name Z -confirm:$false


      any idea?