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    How to configure the Appvol agent in the master image VM in a multi-site deploy

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      Hi all,


      I am wondering how you would configure the App Vol agent in the master image VM for a multi-site deploy.

      What I have (as per the recommended architecture for multi-site deploys) is the following:

      2 sites

      In each site there are 2 App Vol mgrs connecting to their own local SQL DB

      The 2 App Vol mgrs at each site are below a local Load balancer


      When you configure the App Vol agent in a client VM for multiple App Vol managers (as recommended for redundancy), you just add extra registry dwords for each additional manager.


      Therefore for the layout above would I be better to do which of the following on the master VM image (that will serve both sites)?

      a) configure the registry of the master image to have all 4 App Vol mgr IPs

      b) configure the registry to only have the 2 Load Balancer IP addresses

      c) configure a single LB on top of the 2 existing Load Balancers and put that single IP address


      I believe it doesn´t really matter as long as the master image can contact all of the IPs that are configured however I wonder if there is a "preferred" way to do it?


      Anyone have any ideas?