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    How to use conditional default values in vRA ?

    JeanChristopheDutoit Novice



      I'm currently working with vRealize Automation 7.4.0 and vRealize Orchestrator 7.4.0 and got a strange behavior with setting a default value on a field.


      First, a simple hardcoded list :



      Nothing exotic, all by default.


      Now the default value that is set in link to the selected environment :


      One default value for DEV and another one for PRD.


      At the form opening, no value is set :


      Once you select DEV, the correct default value appears in cpu field :


      Now if you switch to PRD, cpu default value is not updated (it should be 8) :



      In fact, once the "first" default value is resolved, it's no more updated whatever if the condition controlling it changes or not.

      Can-you help me having the right expected behavior as I do not see what is wrong ?


      Thanks !