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    Migration issue

    Loizou56 Lurker

      I'm trying to migrate my PC with windows 10 pro to my MacBook pro and keep on getting unable to connect to the network share "\vmwareMigration83

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          batuhandemirdal Enthusiast



          What exactly do you want to do?

          Have you updated VMTools?

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            a.p. Guru
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            Please explain your current network configuration, and from where you start the converter (which I assume you are using).

            The "169.254.x.x" is an APIPA (automatic private IP addressing) address, which gets assigned to systems which are configured for DHCP, but do not get a DHCP lease/address.


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              dlhotka Virtuoso

              So first, converting a physical machine almost always results in a bloated, buggy, unstable VM.  Since most still require the purchase of a legal, retail windows license (OEM can't be virtualized), it's better to build one from scratch.


              If you still want to convert it, using the standalone VMWare VCenter Converter has much better luck than over a network.

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                nancyz Hot Shot
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                Hi Loizou56 ,


                Please put your windows 10 PC and your MacBook pro in the same LAN, and retry the process. Then your PC and Mac could communicate to each other and so does VMware Agent and Fusion. Hope that could help.