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    ESXi 6.7 M5000 GPU Pass-through to VM - no device detected

    minhthu215 Lurker

      I am having an issue with getting a VM to load and display a graphics package.

      The VM is running RHEL 7 VM that is using PCI Pass-through on ESXi 6.7

      I created a Linux RHEL x64 VM.

      I was able to activate the M5000 GPU for the VM via PCI.

      When the VM boots, a modified XORG RHEL OS is loaded via a PXE menu.

      The OS loads and I reboot,,

      I can see the OS load as there are several messages being displayed on the VM screen.

      It continues and then it stops at the message:

      “Started OpenSSH server daemon”

      Looking at the Xorg.log, I see messages such as:

      NVIDIA GLX Module 390.25 ....

      Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so

      NVIDIA Unified Driver for all Supported NVIDIA GPUs

      Using VT number 1

      No device detecte

      Fatal Server Error

      No screens found

      I am not sure what this specialized OS runs, but it loaded on physical server and works.

      Any ideas on what i need to add or modify to get the OS to load and run the graphics to the VM screen?