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    NSX / Upgrade

    gazza6 Lurker

      Hi all, been out the VM game for a while, last installation I looked after was 5.0.

      I'd like to know is NSX just the next version of VMWare or a different product.


      If a company has 5.x currently installed and want an upgrade to include the virtual network features, is it just an upgrade from 5.0 to NSX.


      Also if a company has no VMWare and wanted a new install, would they just purchase N

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          A13x Hot Shot

          gazza6 with 5.0 i assume you mean vSphere 5.0. NSX is a totally different product.You may want to look at upgrading the vSphere version if it is version 5 as that is out of support


          Network Virtualization and Security Platform – NSX | VMware

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            sk84 Expert

            You must have been out of the game a long time ago when you no longer know the VMware products. ;-)


            Here you can find an overview of all VMware products:

            VMware Products

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              gazza6 Lurker

              Ah right thanks, I've got further and watched more videos and it did say on one of them that I had to have vSphere 5.5 plus or above to use NSX so thats good.  From first reading, it seemed it was a new product that was an all in one.



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                gazza6 Lurker

                Yes not supported it since 4.x so when I heard of NSX, I wasn't sure if it was an upgraded or a bolt on product.

                Thanks for your reply.

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                  sk84 Expert

                  There is not really an all-in-one product directly from VMware. If you are looking for such a solution, some HCI solutions, e.g. Dell EMC VxRails or Nutanix would be a possibility.


                  However, VMware offers licenses for some product families, such as vRealize Suite, so you don't have to license the products individually.


                  To briefly describe the most important products:

                  - vSphere as virtualization base (includes ESXi and vCenter)

                  - vSAN for storage virtualization

                  - NSX for network virtualization

                  - vRealize Operations Manager for monitoring, alerting, reporting and capacity management

                  - vRealize Automation for self-provisioning of resources and services


                  and there are dozens of other VMware products.

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                    copenhaus Lurker

                    NSX specifically, how is it different from "NSX for vShield"?


                    If coming from 5.5 that we are entitled to vShield, does that mean we receive the free upgrade to NSX?


                    The fact that we are able to download NSX 6.4.1 from the portal, does that mean we have are entitled to run NSX?

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                      sorenemig Novice

                      I can understand the confusion with regards to vShield as a term/product name. vShield was used as a umbrella term for lots of different but related stuff. E.g. vShield Edge is now just NSX Edge.


                      Basically its all just NSXv you are looking for.




                      You need to enter a license key to unlock the entitled edition. You can look this up at "my vmware"


                      However, you can try it out for free