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    nupurk14 Novice

      Hi everyone...!!


      My vCenter was managing certain number of objects. Now I have successfully deleted few objects from vCenter... but still they are visible in my vROps inventory.

      Can anyone direct me what the issue can be and how to get it resolved.


      Thanks in advance.

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          sxnxr Expert

          In your global settings check the Deleted object setting. by default it is 168h


          I know in 6.7 if you set it to -1 it will be after 5 mins not sure if it is the same in 6.6

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            RickVerstegen Hot Shot

            Change the Deleted object setting, default is 168 hours. A value of -1 deletes objects immediately. This is for version 6.6 and 6.7.

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              GayathriS Hot Shot



              There is no automated way, you need to manually clean those objects from Vrops inventory .


              • Log in to vROps Portal
              • Go to Administration --> Inventory Explorer
              • In the Tree-View, make sure you deselect everything (hitting the “Deselect All” Icon above it)
              • Look for the Host on the right Pane (you can use the search in the upper right corner of the pane)
              • Select it, and hit Delete Object (Red cross on top of right pane)

              You c an have multiple objects selected once in a shot to delete .


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