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    vrops, alerts, v6.7

    nupurk14 Novice

      Hi Everyone...!!!


      Can anyone guide me how can I get the total alert definitions(expect the one which I have locally disabled) in vrops 6.7 in my environment.


      Thanks in advance.

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          RickVerstegen Expert

          Try using PowerCLI (Module VMware.VimAutomation.vROps) and use cmdlet Get-OMAlertDefinition.

          Get-OMAlertDefinition can be used to find the available alert definitions in the system. You can filter the output to show alert definitions of a given alert type and subtype.

          Hope this is useful for you.




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            GayathriS Expert



            I dont see anything such which lists out all predefined alerts, I am wondering if we have come across something apart from vmware documentation depending on versions




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              sxnxr Expert

              Getting the alert definitions is easy the problem i thing ( Using REST anyway) is filtering them based on being enabled or not.


              I know using rest there is no way to quay the policies so no way to know if they are enabled or not. running https://yourvrops/suite-api/api/alertdefinitions will list all the alert deffs you have. You can filter base on adapterKind, resourceKind and ID but that is about it.