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    ESXi 6.5 u2 does not recognize Intel 82573 NICs

    rtangwai1 Lurker

      I have a Supermicro X8DAi server that has onboard Intell 82573L and 82573E NICs.


      They work fine in 6.5 u1, but when I upgrade to 6.5 u2 ESXi no longer sees them.


      6.5 u2 does see another Intel NIC (Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter).


      I checked the HCL, the 82573 is listed as compatible for 6.5 u2:


      VMware Compatibility Guide - I/O Device Search


      Any suggestions?  It is an old server using dual X5650 CPUs so it isn't compatible with ESXi 6.7.


      Thanks in advance!