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    Data Center Migration

    campbech Lurker

      Forums have always been a great resource to get me moving on the right track, I'm hopeful this experience will be the same.


      I have been given notice that we will begin a data center migration back to our home office data center soon. The current environment has around 40+ VMs that are hosted on an offsite data center's hardware with around 12 TB of storage. We do not own the physical servers or infrastructure these servers are on today.


      I have been tasked with helping plan out, and then from a network perspective, complete this migration. We have a dedicated link between the sites, which I'm planning on really beefing up for the short term to handle this migration. My initial plan was to implement Cisco's OTV to span the layer 2 networks at the remote site back to our data center. This would allow me to then move these VMs without having to also re-IP these servers and deal with the other problems that will come along with that.


      My question is what is the best way to perform this migration? Can we stand up new physical servers and SAN here at home office, bring them into their existing VM infrastructure, and then just Vmotion these VMs over? Once everything is migrated, we stand up our own VCenter and bring these hosts into it? If so, then maybe for the speed of the migration it would be best to install these servers at the remote data center, migrate everything, and then physically move the servers to our location over a weekend?


      I'm not asking for a full thought out plan for this, but just enough information to maybe get us started down the right path. Sorry for the incorrect terms throughout this as well. I'm a long term Cisco guy, not a VMWare guru.