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    VM Time Sync method - Can you report on this in vROPs?

    RobertWLSEG Lurker

      Hi All,


      I was recently asked to provide a list of all VMs and to show their time sync methods. Shouldn't be a problem I thought, create a view with VM Name, SyncTimeWithHost flag and a few useful identity type fields and away I go. However, I have been unable to find a relevant metric against the VM. I ended up having to create the list with PowerCLI as follows;


      Get-View -ViewType virtualmachine | select name,@{N='Time sync with host';E={$_.Config.Tools.SyncTimeWithHost } } | Export-Csv "c:\temp\TimeSyncStatus.csv" -NoTypeInformation


      But what I'd really like to do is get this in a vROPs report. Does anyone know if the equivalent metric is revealed in vROPs?


      Thanks in advance,