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    VMmark3 Workload setup

    prasaddell Lurker

      Hi, I am setting up VMmark3 for VxRail cluster. Since there is only single Data Store for entire cluster hosts, the Storage vMotion workload setup fails (source and destination are same). Is there a way to disable sVmotion workload setup in VMMark3.properties file? or somewhere else?

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          dmorse Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          Yes, in the VMmark3.properties file, you'd uncomment this line:


          // InfrastructureList = vmotion,svmotion,xvmotion,deploy

          and change it to read:

          InfrastructureList = vmotion,xvmotion,deploy


          A couple of things to be aware of:

          1. If you only have one datastore, you would also need to remove xvmotion from the list.
          2. With any of these infrastructure workloads disabled, you will be unable to generate a VMmark score.  To get a compliant run, you may want to consider using a NFS or iSCSI target.




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            prasaddell Lurker

            Thank you and I will try. My main goal is to check the stats/load on Network bandwidth. I hope this tool helps in achieving that.