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    vROPS Report to Network Share

    ooajala Enthusiast

      Hi, I am cracking my brain on this one. I am trying to automate a report to a network share. The report is saved as a .csv. However, my challenge is to get it to save to a name of my choice and keep overwriting once a week without the prefix of the date and time and also without the suffix of the source I choose (for example: vSphere World.



      I don't want this...

      8-02-18 084018_000284 myreportname vSphere World.csv

      8-09-18 084124_000267 myreportname vSphere World.csv

      8-16-18 084015_000173 myreportname vSphere World.csv


      I want it to be like this...






      I want the file to keep getting overwritten weekly.


      I found something in process of scheduling the report but I am yet to test to see what it does. See below:



      Any help would be appreciated.