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    ESXi 6.7.0 on MacPro 6,1 - Display Issue

    richertai Lurker


      I am installing ESXi 6.7.0 on several MacPro 6,1 machines.

      I am able to complete the installation and network configuration at the main screen.  However, I have to jump back and forth between several of these machines to configure each one, or go back and reconfigure something.

      I am using a crash cart (Keyboard, 4:3 Monitor) with a VGA to mini-DVI adapter in one of the Thunderbolt 2 ports to work with these.  I am still procuring an HDMI to DVI connector to test whether the HDMI port has the same issue.



      When I disconnect video from a device, and connect to another, or reconnect to the same device, I see a black screen.  No output from device and monitor goes to sleep. 

      No input or mouse movement can cause the display to wake-up.

      I have tried this with different displays and all experience the same issue.

      I get video if I reboot the device, either by hard reboot or by restarting the machine from muscle-memory (keyboard input is still plug-and-play, it seems).


      Is this a known issue with ESXi 6.7 on MacPro 6,1 or is this just an issue with using the Thunderbolt port?