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    Moving vCenter 5.5 to another Server

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      our vCenter 5.5 resides on a physical machine running Windows Server 2008R2.

      Since it will retire soon I want to move the vCenter to a new Server 2016. At the moment we don't want to migrate it to vCSA.

      The name and ip of the server will also change.

      Curently the vCenter db is located on the same machine. Is it advisable to move the database to a seperate instance on a dedicated SQL server 2017?


      The guide here https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/5850444 states that it might give problems with the ADAM DB.

      Can I avoid issues if I follow the instructions in https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1029864?


      Thank you!




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          This may not be the answer to your question, but there's not much benefit in what you're planning.

          • vSphere 5.5 will be out of support in September
          • vCenter Server 5.5 is not supported on Windows 2016, nor with SQL Server 2017
          • vCenter Server for Windows will not be available anymore in future vSphere versions


          If you are not ready yet to move to the vCSA, I'd suggest you either leave your current system running until you are ready, or - if this is not an option - convert it into a VM.



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            thank you for you advice. Shame on me, i never thought on such compatibility issues.


            Unfortunately I can't virualize the machine right now because it a Contoller card for connection with a robotic library.

            Anyway, when the backup is moved I think I'll virtualize the vCenter,