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    does DELL use HPE drivers ?

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      the last 10 years I only had HPE hardware now I have my first Dell (M630) server. I just installed the VMware 6.7 image provided by Dell. Now I want to update the server to the newest versions.


      First I did a 'check compliance' and then I wanted to remediate the needed updates. But there are two HPE software bundles automatically chosen - that confuses me. Is that normal that Dell get's HPE drivers? Or is there any problem with the Update Manager of vCenter 6.7?



      It's the predefined non-critical Baseline.


      Thanks Wolfgang

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          The HPE bundles show up, because they are in the baseline.

          I'd suggest you create a separate fixed baseline for the Dell hosts which only contain VMware patches plus appropriate Dell patches (if available).


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            Hi André,


            that I don't understand. Because all manufacturers are in the baseline. But e.g. Dell does not show up on a HPE server. Did here change the behavior with integrated VUM in VCSA 6.7 ?

            I always thought if an update file is automatically chosen it is really needed and will be installed.


            Thanks Wolfgang