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    Error: Incompatible Version -1 (expect 2)

    epa80 Enthusiast

      We have recently created a new cluster in our vCenter environment, which also was recently upgraded to 6.5. Upon our deployment of a VDI environment on this cluster, we were receiving an error with "incompatible version" detailed within it. What's odd is the error only seems to happen once the pool we're deploying hits ABOUT 750 virtual machines. We deployed in baby steps: 1 VM, then 100, then 300, then 500, then 750, without issue. But when we then expanded to 800, we hit the error seen below:




      I'm deploying to a 6 node cluster, with all hosts being Dell PowerEdge R740xd. They're rather beefy. On older PowerEdge R730xds, I was able to get 900 on similarly built clusters. Is there some kind of sizing limit setting I'm missing within 6.5? All VMs being deployed are linked clones from 1 parent image, so, it's not even like we're deploying a plethora of different guest VMs. They're all identical.


      I do have a ticket open with VMware regarding the error, but, no progress as of this writing.


      Thanks in advance.