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    Support for open source vmware tools

    david2018vm Lurker


      I'm running debian (jessie/sid, 3.13.0-145-generic) that has the open source flavor of vmware tools installed.  Here are the version outputs:


      # vmware-toolbox-cmd  -v (build-1280544)


      # vmware-checkvm -h

      VM's hw version is 4

      VMware software version 6 (good)


      In the vSphere GUI, I see this for VMware tools:


      Running, version:2147483647 (Guest Managed)

      A VMware Tools implementation is installed on the guest operating system, but it is not managed by VMware. The VMware Tools status is unknown.



      This version of vmware tools was installed by the server vendor, who also controls the entire OS.


      Assuming that I have a support contract, am I able to open and work a support ticket with VMware regarding this server?  IOW, am I supported running the open source version of tools, or must I install a different version?


      This page makes me think that I am supported:


      Using Open Virtual Machine Tools


      But i want to check my understanding.