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    Information vmware

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      I have an HP 250 G3 Notebook with I5 4210U intel core processor socket 1, cores 2, logical processes 4 RAM 4GB, HDD SSD 120GB.

      To create a virtual pc that I have to install another windows 10 operating system or windows server depends on my needs how many vCPU can I create is how many cores can I create 8 cores? or 10 cores ,? can I create them ?, then how much RAM memory can I create at 8GB or 16Gb or 32Gb or 64Gb ?, how much virtual hard disk can I create 1TB can I create? or 500GB? or less? I would like a vHD a bit more space; can I create a vGPU of nvidia GRID or does this work for a fee ?.

      Thanks to those who will answer me.