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    OSCustomization failed on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    dgreebe Novice

      Hi All,


      A couple of weeks ago I made a Ubuntu 18.04 template that I deploy using PowerCLI.

      Template is just a clean install of Ubuntu 18 with VMWare tools (guest managed)

      I use the same script as for Ubuntu 16.04 to deploy and the scripts works perfect, except for Ubuntu 18.
      Even when I don't use my script but the OSCustomization in vCenter I get errors.


      When I do the deployment with script, OSCustomization fails and when I check the logs in /var/log/vmware-.... i see that it fails: cannot create bus connection.

      What kind of bus connection ? I don't use any specific hardware in the VM, compaired with Ubuntu 16.


      When I use the Customization in vCenter, I get errors because of my timezone that was not correct. In my script I don't specify that.


      Does anyone else has issues with OSCustomization with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ? or does anyone recognized my issue and knows a solution ?


      Best regards

      Dave Greebe