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      • 1. Re: When running the benchmark following error occurs .. Restore results unable to ping DS3-DB
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        Hi, could you please perform the following steps so we can troubleshoot further?


        1. From your primeclient VM, attach the VMmark3.properties you used to run the benchmark (/root/VMmark3/VMmark3.properties)


        2. From your primeclient VM, ZIP and attach the configfiles subdirectory from your most recent run:

        cd /root/VMmark3/results/Results_2018* (note: make sure you choose the most recent failed run directory)

        zip -r /root/configfiles.zip configfiles


        Then attach the resulting /root/configfiles.zip


        3. From your DS3DB0 VM, attach the output of these commands:


        cd /root/VMmark3/client/DS3DB