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    SRM and guest mounted NFS

    Gaprofitt17 Novice

      Hi All,


      I will be replicating via the SRA Netapp Datastores, some are for guest mounted NFS and some are host based NFS.  I'm not a Netapp

      Pro but I'm assuming when replicating with Site A to Site B the replicated ESX volumes can't have the same names.    This is
      all Linux environments.  How would you go about remapping the new paths for the guest mounted NFS volumes since the
      volume name is different now for all the VM's?


      Same for example


      VM1 is being protected, currently running on ESXI NFS datastore nfs-1, in guest it is using nfs-2 to mount /test/vol


      I replicate these datastores via the SRA, on the DR site nfs-1a, the guest mounted volume nfs-2b


      Obviously SRM can handle the non-in guest stuff, powering the machine on the replicated volume.  How would i replace
      the /etc/fstab for the new mount point /test/vol which has not been replicated to nfs-2b.


      A friend suggested vRO, but i'm not greatly familiar with vRO.



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          mAstersAm Lurker

          SRM can't handle GIS volumes failover out of the box.  Can you consider the following?


          1. SRM fails over the VMs to recovery site;
          2. Use scripts on SRM server to handle GIS failover after VM shutdown at the protected site;
          3. Use scripts on guest OS to handle GIS datastore re-mount post VM startup at the recovery site.