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      Hi Everyone,




      How can i get the total number of alert definition( default and customized both ) in a report. I have tried using alert list widget but that gives me only the generated alerts. So can anyone help me in getting the complete list. Thanks

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          I don't think vROps is capable of reporting that information back to itself because it isn't a metric or collected property. You could probably use PowerCLI with the OM series of cmdlets to retrieve this information.

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            That's right, using PowerCLI you'll need to use Get-OMAlertDefinition

            More info:

            Getting started with PowerCLI for vRealize Operations (vR OPs) - VMware PowerCLI Blog - VMware Blogs

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              you could use the likes of postman and use the rest api


              https://your vrops/suite-api/api/alertdefinitions


              This will list all the alerts definitions with all the info




                      <ops:name>Witness Host Node is Down</ops:name>


                      <ops:resourceKindKey>Witness Host</ops:resourceKindKey>






                          <ops:state severity="IMMEDIATE">