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    Slow Performance with Terminal Server

    stang95 Lurker

      Ok I have a new Dell Poweredge 2900 with dual Xeon 5130 2ghz processors, 4gb of ram running on Win 2003 standard R2.  The host is our file and print server and also is one of our dns and domain controller servers.  I am running vmware server 1.0.1 and the guest is win 2003 standard edition that I am running as a terminal server.  I have allocated 1 gb to the guest system.  My problem is when I connect and try to browse the local network it is really, really, really slow.  Apps come up pretty quickly just not the network.  Any thoughts?

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          eco Novice

          Vmware tools are installed on the guest?


          Do you enabled virtual SMP on guest  (or do you have 4 real core)?


          Is 1GB enought for terminal server?


          I also have virtualized terminal servers... i had to disable virtual SMP (it make them very slow)... and to tune memory (one need 2GB of ram to run fast).


          Also, guest run slow when host is doing a lot of I/O... so i avoid to use host for anything else then vmware server...


          If you have problem ONLY in network browsing, maybe there are problem with network configuration... like wrong DNS configuration or no master browser (domain controller should do it... check).

          It happen only in virtualized terminal server? Virtual ethernet is configured in bridge-mode?




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            stang95 Lurker

            Yes I have vmware tools installed on the guest.

            I had it set to use 2 processors and I changed it to one but it didn't seem to make a difference.

            On the server we used previously for TS it was a dual P3 933mhz with 1gb ram and it ran fine.

            I will check on the master browser and yes it is in bridge mode.


            Thanks for your help!

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              KevinG Guru

              Have you tried connecting using a lower color depth settings?


              Google for "Performance Tuning  with Terminal Server" may be there other settings that may improve performance

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                stang95 Lurker

                The one thing I didn't mention which I maybe should have is I used the vmware converter 3 beta to make my physical ts server into a vm.  Guess I might have to do a new vm manually if I can't figure it out.

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                  gitcho Lurker

                  general latency issues are the bane of my existence ! Just a few thoughts :


                  \- are you browsing the network from within your 2k3 vm ?

                  \- Is the 2k3 VM joined to your domain ?

                  \- is the 2k3 vm on the same subnet as your DC / target network ?

                  \- once you reach a network destination initially, do subsequent files/folders open at normal speed, or does every folder on the same network share open slowly ?

                  \- Do you have a baseline on your VM (perfmon.msc) ? It might be a good idea to setup the appropriate counters and run it for a few days or a week - so you can see exactly where the bottleneck lies

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                    daemonbehr Lurker

                    I have a Win2003 Std Terminal Server physically running on a dual Xeon 3.2 Ghz server. I used VM converter beta 3 to convert the VM.


                    The VMWare server is running on Ubuntu 6.06. A dual-core xeon 3Ghz machine with VT.


                    The terminal server is the only VM running on it.


                    Now in the VM, I can only get 10 connections before the CPU maxes out. On the physical I could get 50 connections and only be at 25% utilization. The physical and VM servers both have 3.5GB of RAM.


                    Has anyone else had performance issues with VM converter beta 3 virtual machines?


                    Or on dual-core xeons with VT?

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                      TechFan Enthusiast

                      Yes, we are having the same issue. . .We have a HP ML350 dual dual-core 3.2 GHz machine (with VT) with 4GB RAM with SATA drives. . .We are just testing running a Win2k terminal server in a VM. . .transferred via manual ghost restore from DL140 dual 3.0 GHz 4GB RAM server. . .it is the only guest on that host. . .and it runs 4X slower than the physical server did. . .it definitely seems to be related to the network speed. . .


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                        kungpow Enthusiast

                        Try installing Vmware Tools, it may help.

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                          TechFan Enthusiast

                          VMWare tools was installed long ago and is up to date.  One of our test applications is taking 4X longer on a specific function. . .I must not have something right.

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                            IdeCable Novice

                            I run an AMD64 X2 @2.5Ghz with 4Gig DDR2 and 320Gig SATA software RAID1 over Suse 10 in i686.


                            In order to pull as much performance out of my Vmware Server 1.0.3 here's what I had to do:


                            \- Disable the write cache over every virtual hard drives I had.

                            \- Added the following configs to my .vmx config file:



                            sched.mem.pshare.enable = "FALSE"

                            mainMem.useNamedFile = "FALSE"


                            Memory trimming is good only if you run a virtual machine with not alot of ram.. The other two configs disable virtual RAM swapping.


                            My guest OS runs off an ACPI multiprocessor (two CPUs). I pull my best performance out of SQL 2000 if it's service is assigned to the primary core (CPU #0).


                            Disabling the write cache fixed most of my slow disk access issues.


                            Performance is blazing fast now.


                            Hope this helps.

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                              sgloeckle Novice

                              Hi, thanks for the instructions. but how do I disable write cache for vmware drives. It's disabled in my device manager so cannot be changed.

                              thanks, Stefan

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                                rsa911 Virtuoso

                                you said your host was your company file server ?!

                                so the I/O and your host are probably stressed when running both the F&P role and the vmware server host


                                on your host, use perfmon and monitor the average disk queue lenght

                                report the average values you see both when the guest is stopped and when it's running