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    Writable Vol Cleanup

    TechnicallyStu Lurker

      Hi All,


      I am curious how everyone handles cleaning up their writable Volume. So if a user reports that they have run out of the space, how does one go about deleting files? How do you tell which files are apart of the base image or an App Stack? Is there some kind of utility that support could use to help this?


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      Stuart Wepener

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          Ray_handels Master
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          USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! There., I said it .


          The best way to clean up the writable is to let the user log out and attach the writable to a machines that does not have an Appvolumes installed.

          This way you can check what information is stored in there and the user could remove files himself afterwards.

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            ctgodden Lurker

            i get an error when trying to attach the writable to a systems that does not have app volumes installed on it

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              Ray_handels Master
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              That error has got nothing to do with not having appvolumes installed. The thing is that Appvolumes creates a setting in the writable to make sure it won't be deleted by accident.

              Just browse to your writable datastore and change the following setting in the .vmdk file (so not the flat file which is the 10GB file or the metadata file which holds appvolumes info).


              There should be a setting that is called ddb.deletavble=false, you should change it to ddb.deletable=true. Or just attach the the disk non persistent (so read only) that will do the trick as well.