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    How do I create a new VM 10.13.6 while running on a host with 10.13.6 with a APFS volume

    NCSD007 Lurker

      MacBook Pro running 10.13.6 with a SSD with a APFS volume. Also VMFusion Version 10.1.2 (8502123)


      When i try the same method as used before with older OS's it fails.


      I start with select "New" to start the Fusion wizard to make a VM. I then select "Install macOS from recovery partition" then I get this error "VMware Fusion could not find any recovery partitions on this Mac."


      My MacBook has a working recovery partition and I have confirmed it. I am guessing the VMFusion s/w does not understand an APFS volume in being able to read or find a recovery partition on a APFS volume.


      Yes I can upgrade a VM running 10.12.x or 10.11 to a 10.13.6 VM and that works fine but it does not make a recovery partition within the VM for the OS.