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    Virtual network device installs failing on Windows 10 with Workstation 14.1.2

    MJA Novice

      I just tried to install 14.1.2 on the latest Windows 10 (July updates), upgrading from 14.1.1.  Unfortunately it is running into problems installing the virtual network devices.  The install stalls for about 15 minutes during the network installation phase, right after Windows prompts for permission to install a device driver from an unrecognized publisher.  Looking at the "Network Adapters" section of Device Manager while this is going on, I see vmnet1 and then vmnet8 devices showing up temporarily with yellow triangles and persisting until the install operation for the device is evidently timed out. No virtual network devices are left in place at the point that the install completes.


      I suspect this is related to some evolution of Windows 10 since I installed 14.1.1.  That version had been working fine but even going back to 14.1.1 now experiences the same network device install failure symptoms.  Ideas anyone?