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    Report/Export VMs with a memory limit in place?

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      Our Dev team has been reporting performance issues for some time. We have been verifying compliance with host updates, making sure vHW and Tools are compliant and latest, and bumping to a standard spec of 2CPU and 8GB RAM minimum. The guests run a range of Windows Server from 2008 to 2016. Some of these machines have been standing for 7-10 years.


      What we recently discovered was that a number of the affected VMs had their memory limits set to 2GB or less. We can manually adjust this, but are now going through a discovery process to determine where and how these limits were set, and manually update the setting on affected servers. To our knowledge we have never used them and believe there was a bad configuration on a resource pool or other policy setting group at some point over the years (we now have a much better change control in place for scenarios like this). There is some concern that it is was set and enforced upstream of the manual setting, we could see the limits return.


      Regardless of whether we can determine the root cause, I've been searching for a method of returning any servers that have the memory limit set to anything other than unlimited so we can address each case. If anyone is willing to provide suggested reading or a trusted method for reporting on this value for the VMs this it would be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!