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    Correct Firmware and Driver alignment for Network Adapters

    MJMSRI Novice

      Hi All,


      looking at the VMware Compatibility for IO Devices VMware Compatibility Guide - I/O Device Search its never clear what Firmware and Driver to use when aligned to a HPE Host for example.


      So example is the 562SFP Adapter VMware Compatibility Guide - I/O Device Search  . On the guide it details that for 6.5 update1 5 combinations are available with 5 different drivers.


      So i then look on the HPE hosts iLO and there is no trace of this "Firmware" listed on the HCL of 6.01, 5.04, 5.05 etc. All that is listed is 1.1606.01 etc. It seems on the Network adapters VMware detail firmware however the adapters have a ROM version and OROM etc which i believe is what is listed in iLO.


      This link can be clicked on but i still dont find its conclusive in the exact firmware and driver alignment when compared to the iLO readings: VMware Knowledge Base


      The Driver for the Adapters is easy as can locate the exact driver and version on esxcli then apply new one via that or VUM, so seems the problem is trying to work out what firmware, ROM, etc aligns to each driver.


      Any thoughts?