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    500 Internal Server Error while I tried to run POST API against NSX controllers

    VMgwbaby Novice

      I have "500 internal server error" when I do POST command for controllers. Would you explain why it happened?



      1. I retrieved the controller ID (controller-1) by using below command meaning that my authorization is correct (nsx-mgr can communicate with postman)

      Retrieve available controller IDs with GET /api/2.0/vdn/controller


      2. I am able to run GET to get the status of controller, for example


      GET /api/2.0/vdn/controller/controller-1/syslog


      The return value said that "Syslog serer is not configured for controller.."


      3. Then I tried to run POST commands with below syntax, I got 500 error.










      Does anyone know why I am getting this? I test it from HOL and my homelab, the results were same. By the way, return value said "400 Bad Request"


      FYI I added "Content-type with application/xml"