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    Host faults when using a VM over a network drive (smb)

    arimicci Novice

      Hi all,

      I have to solve this problem of mine:


      On a Mac mini running High Sierra 10.13.5 have installed Fusion 10.1.2, meant to keep running a Windows 10 64bit guest over a network drive (hosted on a D-link 320, raid 1) (Performance is not the purpose of that VM).

      With the above setup, uptime cannot go longer than a day and few hours before get a random core dump by the Mac.


      Tried to pinpoint the reason, done several tests, and to make things short, I did noticed the system goes stable and got no more dumps after I moved the VM to the internal SSD of the Mac. From that time onward did not witnessed the Mac reboot itself again.


      I'd like, anyway, move the VM back to the external share, so it will be nice pinpoint why I get that behaviour and being able to fix it.


      Can someone tell me the correct procedure to get all necessary info to investigate the problem? (which logs to copy, etc)


      TIA, Andrea