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    the deploy VM infraops took so much time?

    niceguy001 Novice

      as shown in figure below:


      the stage of deploying the DEPLOYVM0 took over 2 hours.(maybe to 3 hours)

      is it normal?

      i was performing 5-tile test on a 4-node SUT vSAN cluster and this occurred;

      the vmmark3-template was placed in an external disk LUN and the targetLUN(for deploy VM) was set to the vsanDatastore(which is in the SUT).


      but basically the deploy time was short when i did some 4-tiles tests, which took less than 1 hour.

      any ideas?

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          dmorse Enthusiast
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          No, a deploy operation should never take that long to complete.  I would guess there is a bottleneck (or a hardware issue?) within the vSAN environment.


          • Can you post details of the vSAN hardware configuration?  Specifically, the speeds and types of HDDs/SSDs?
          • Do you see storage-related alarms within your vCenter Server?