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    How do I convert static disk to dynamic in Workstation 14 Player?

    loec Lurker

      I'm trying to help someone convert their static disk to dynamic so it won't use as much space. He's using VMware Workstation 14 Player (free for non-commercial use). Hopefully this question fits in this forum. After some Googling I learned about vmware-vdiskmanager but I can't find it on the computer so it must not be included with this version of VMware. I can add a disk to an already existing VM and make the new disk dynamic. However, there's no option to create a dynamic disk (none I saw) when creating a VM so he has a disk in a VM he made that isn't dynamic but it needs to by dynamic to save space. How can I convert it from static to dynamic without vmware-vdiskmanager? Can vmware-vdiskmanager be downloaded and installed separately?