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    SAPGUI 7.50 ALV Excel not show record in the row

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      I have managed a test trial to package SAPGUI 7.50 + SSO tools (give us single sign on from ADs) + Excel 2016 that was build into a single project.

      I am able to launch the SAPGUI and single sign on into the system without issue.


      In the Package.ini file, I have setup the the parameter for the below.





      Then I build the package using build.bat.


      The issue is when I have a ALV report and when I tried to click on the Microsoft Excel icon, it will automatically switch the display from ALV into a Excel like window with the result of the rows from ALV to Excel. I can do this without issue if I have local SAPGUI installed on my laptop.




      I test launch the saplogon.exe on 2 scenarios:

      1) Laptop that do not have SAPGUI install but have Excel 2016. Result ==> the ALV to Excel display but without the rows.

      2) Laptop that do have SAPGUI install and Excel 2016. Result ==> the ALV to Excel display with proper rows.


      With ThinApp virtual SAPGUI, the result is not there.




      I am not sure why I still need to installed local SAPGUI on my laptop for it to work, since the entire SAPGUI is already package together with SSO + Excel 2016.

      I have already check the Trusted Settings in Excel. It all seems to be fine.


      Any ideas and help ?