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    incompatible snapshot with MetaTrader 4

    ScriptFort Lurker

      Hello Folks,

      I am having a problem with ThinApp when doing a system post-scan after trying to do a ThinApp version of MetaTrader 4 Variant.

      (MQL5: automated forex trading, strategy tester and custom indicators with MetaTrader)


      Tried doing this in 3 different Environments and got the same result. [Screenshot Attached]


      Have no Idea what causes the Wizard to break when doing post-scan. Tried this on other Apps and it works Just fine. Its just MetaTrader that ends up breaking the wizard.

      I also Tried the CLI version of snapshot.exe that seemed to compile a working directory however it does not run after building. I keep getting a no prototype available error when activating log.


      Any Ideas would be fantastic.