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    [vRA 7.4] - XaaS Performance with external value

    ymichalak Enthusiast

      Hi team


      We have a lot of XaaS blueprint with a lot of call of external value (vRO action).

      When we launch a XaaS blueprint we would like to parallelize the loading of externals values (asynchronous method).


      Currently when we launch the XaaS blueprint the call of the externals values is done one after the other :





      Do you think is possible to LOAD all Externals Values in a same time ?


      We have tried putting our basic elements on one page and all other elements which rely on these values on another page on the XaaS form, but the actions on the second page still run in the background when changing elements on page 1.


      What we really need is one or more of the following...


      • A way to run actions in parallel rather than serially (time savings would be huge here)
      • A way to control the order in which the external actions are being run
      • A way to minimize the delay between actions being run


      Thx for your feedback.